संस्कृत शब्द​ कथा का अर्थ (Meaning of Samskrit word kathA)


वर्णविच्छेदः – क् + अ + थ् + आ
एकवचनम् स्त्रीलिङ्गम् विभक्तिः — प्रथमा
  • रामस्य कथा कुत्र वर्णिता अस्ति? — रामायणे।
  • पुत्र​, कन्याकुमारीविषये एका कथा अस्ति। किं त्वं जानासि? — न​। सा कथा एतस्मिन् पुस्तके नास्ति।

हिन्दी में अर्थ​


Meaning in English

"Katha is an Indian style of religious storytelling, performances of which are a ritual event in Hinduism. It often involves priest-narrators (kathavachak or vyas) who recite stories from Hindu religious texts, such as the Puranas, the Ramayana or Bhagavata Purana, followed by a commentary (Pravachan). Kathas sometimes take place in households, involving smaller stories related to the Vrat Katha genre. The didactic Shri Satyanarayan and Ramayana kathas instill moral values by revealing the consequences of human action (karma)." - Wikipedia